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Our Client Experience

Futurity’s client base consists of private individuals and family trusts, pension and provident retirement funds and medical aid funds.

Our clients are based throughout South Africa, but some reside overseas. Approximately 30% of client assets are invested offshore.

Although Futurity acts as an investment adviser to several high net worth individuals (defined as having R20M plus / USD2,0M equivalent in "investable" assets), we also assist clients with significantly less capital who are serious about achieving or maintaining financial independence.

To date all our clients have been sourced via referrals. Typically, these clients have initially sought advice in one or more of the following areas:

• The formulation of efficient asset accumulation or protection strategies.
• An independent high-level overview of their current investment portfolios.
• Improvement in terms of investment returns or service levels within existing arrangements.
• The investment of cash proceeds due from an inheritance or the sale of a business, share options, fixed property, etc.
• The investment of the proceeds from retirement funds, or the takeover in the management of existing retirement plans or  living annuities.
• Post-retirement investment planning, tax structuring and estate planning advice.
• Pension & Provident Retirement Funds, Corporates and Medical Aid Funds requiring either Cash Management or Inflation, Plus solutions.

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